Herobot 2

by Wolfblur

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Freen in Green
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Freen in Green Wolfblur is one of the most talented individuals ever, and one of our absolute favorite to work together with. Herobot 2 was in the making for a very long time and it was well worth the wait, as this is definitely the best album he's ever released! Favorite track: Level 8 - Wolf's Bonehouse.
Jeffrey "VizardJeffhog" McDonell
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Jeffrey "VizardJeffhog" McDonell Holy balls this album is amazing. You are doing yourself a disservice by not buying this jaw-dropping piece of work! All quality all around! Kudos, Wolfblur, for an excellent album! Favorite track: Boss - Better Than You.
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Behold! The sequel to the album The Animated Hero (Herobot 1)!

Herobot was able to stop a majority of humanity from being converted into androids like himself, but discovers that now animals are the target now? What's next, the world itself!? Anyway, Herobot blasts across various landscapes to discover what's going on and to put a stop to ruining the wildlife.


For any new comers, Herobot is a very simple hypothetical video game plot line I've created to house my ideas for thematic video game music I compose. It gives me a great chance to practice, as well as build a portfolio of what I wish do with my future: making video game tunes!

ARTWORK by Versiris/Lawlzy (she's amazing, check her out NOW 8D)


released March 9, 2014

Cody Tucker




Wolfblur Portland, Oregon

Video-game and theme inspired musician available (and seeking) any form of freelance work for games, movies, shows, apps, or awesome things on the internet. Work in a large amount of genres, but specialize in guitar work, especially acoustic and various forms of rock/metal. Got any cool projects you'd love some help with, just email me and tell me what's up! ... more

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Track Name: Boss - Better Than You
*heavy breathing*

Born in the depths of a laboratory
Poked and prodded, more tests, hurry
Injection genes of beast and fiends
The prime being of machinery

The perfect balance of life is I
To hunt the weak is what I live by
So I broke my chains to only gain
The sole ambition for no one to remain

Burst into flames the science cage
I tore every object from it's place
But from afar across beheld the Boss
Taunts a deal that I can't toss, so

Loose to a world of live decay
To roam the land to track down this prey
Must to find the mind of the unknown kind
To remind the blind of a flawed design

Yeah that's you Herobot, your gross malfunction plagues
The very complex structure of this modern age
You can't even fathom the waste of your organic state
As I seek the action of your disengage

So I'll destroy you with every fiber of the animal kingdom
I'll rip to shreds the tin can of this man you bring me
I'm half machine, half beast, and all around a better feat and
Hell, I'm just better than you

Now I stand before the one who desolates our race
And your low-end procreation is an atrocious disgrace
At a glance you seem as I which I find distaste
A misplaced vile pest who should be straight up replaced

You know I vomit when confronted by such sickening things
The magnus opus of this Earth should only dwell with kings
You know I, should smash you with a giant full cracked swing
So bring your worst, let's see how you sting

I'll destroy you with every fiber of the animal kingdom
I'll rip to shreds the tin can of this man you bring me
I'm half machine, half beast, and all around a better feat and
Hell, I'm just better than you
Track Name: Level 9 - Citizen Forge
In the Company

Become a cog in the greater machine
The world's demise rests on the choices you make
The hive mind is the only way to live in harmony so
Kill your free will, or destroy us all